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Common situations which result in car accidents

There are more than forty thousand accidents that take place annually in the UK, and in these accidents more than thirty five hundred people get killed. The accidents that occur have different causes and the situations vary in different cases. There are many reasons that cause accidents and out of those some are natural and uncontrollable while the others are in some way a result of a mechanical fault or a fault on the part of the driver.

There are some places in the UK that are known for their treacherous roads and that are the most dangerous and responsible for many accidents. In this case, the road design may be held responsible for the accidents, as the nature of the accidents occurring is also the same. Some accidents are a result of vehicle getting off road, and others are head on collisions.

Mechanical disorders in the vehicle are also responsible for accidents. The brakes, tyres and suspension of the car should be perfectly functional. In cases when some problem occurs in these, accidents can occur. While these are situations not in direct control of the driver, there are also many other situations in which accidents occur due to the recklessness of the driver.

The accident statistics of driver's recklessness are the greatest in case of young people between the ages of seventeen and thirty. Over speeding is another thing that is responsible for most of the crashes that occur. Drivers over speed for thrill and end up having an accident. Drunkenness of drivers is also an important cause of accidents. There have been many cases of accidents in which people were driving under the affect of alcohol and they were not able to concentrate on the road. More than eighty percent of the total accidents that occur are due to some fault on the driver's part, and the driver's behaviour is what causes the accident to occur. Some kind of impairment in the driver may also be responsible for accidents. These may include problems with eyesight, old age, fatigue or other issues.

Another reason for many accidents is the bad weather conditions in the winter season. Driving in winter is more hazardous and that is why many accidents occur in winter. The roads are icy and slippery in winter and there is snow - and all these factors make it difficult for drivers to keep the vehicle under control. However, there are some steps that can be taken to reduce the likeliness of an accident in winter. Keeping the car mechanically fit should be the first priority. Other than that, while on the road all the safety directions should be followed. Also, the most important thing is to remain attentive and alert towards what is happening on the road. While the weather conditions may be out of your control, it is possible for drivers to do their best to avoid accidents in winter by fulfilling all the important steps to keep the car in their control.

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